Friday , February 22 2019
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Fitbit reveals new smartwatch

The innovator in wearable devices is hoping the Fitbit smartwatch will collect interest in its whole and a faculty category that’s lost some attractiveness. Fitbits”space-themed” smartwatch which cost $299.95 is $30 over the start price for the Apple Watch,Fitbits biggest rival. that’s a hefty worth to boost of people administrative …

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Broadcoms bid blocked due to national security concerns

In associate order weekday, President Trump wrote that there is “credible evidence” that Broadcom and its affiliates “might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the u. s..”He aforementioned the two firms ought to “immediately and permanently abandon the planned takeover.” Broadcom aforementioned throughout an announcement late …

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ZTE needs more effort to build the trust among the people in US


Zte, makes smartphones and builds cellular networks, needs to make “greater effort to build the agree with some of the people in Washington. We want to do extra,” said lixin cheng.Fbi,cia and nsa has testified earlier than congress that other Chinese language cellphone maker such as zte and Huawei pose …

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PlayStation 4 update lets parents boot kids from playing

PlayStation 4 update

Sony (SNE) unrolled a PlayStation 4 update for its gambling console with many new options most notably, the flexibility for adults to limit however long a toddler uses the system.Other new options embody a lot of rationalization and improved image quality for games contend on HDTVs. Adults will currently keep …

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Samsung’s new smart TV is a tech chameleon

the south Korean school large on weekday proclaimed its 2018 lineup of QLED tvs and also the standout feature is what samsung calls ambient mode that mimics the colours and patterns of the walls around it. it s designed to figure for mounted tvs once users aren t looking a show or moving …

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Google tech used by Pentagon ‘to analyse drone videos’

The disclosure follows a report by Gizmodo, which said the artificial intelligence tech was being used to analyse drone footage.The news site said that many of the search giant’s workers only learned of the collaboration last week via internal emails.It added that some were “outraged”. A spokeswoman for Google said …

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Amazon promises fix for creepy Alexa laugh

Amazon’s Alexa has been letting out an unprompted, creepy cackle – startling users of the best-selling voice assistant.The laugh, described by some as “witch like” was reported to sometimes happen without the device being “woken” up.Others reported the laugh occurring when they asked Alexa to perform a different task, such …

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Jaguar reveals first-ever electric SUV

A concept version of the I-Pace was revealed two years ago. The vehicle displayed Thursday was the actual production version of the electric SUV that will go on sale later this year.Like the concept vehicle, the I-Pace has a very short hood allowing for as much room as possible inside. …

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GM reveals high-tech pickup

General Motors just revealed a new pickup with a bed made from carbon fiber, an expensive lightweight material usually found in high-priced exotic sports cars, not cradling sheets of plywood or cinder blocks. On the new GMC Sierra Denali, all the inside surfaces of the truck’s bed are made from …

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Robot carpenter makes custom furniture

Researchers have repurposed existing robotic technology so it is able to create custom wooden furniture, a move they say will greatly improve safety.The team at the Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology (MIT) modified existing technology, including the popular vacuuming robot Roomba, to create the system. The group said the goal was …

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